Biodegradable Wool Gardening Pellets

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  • Product Description

      An organic alternative to perlite, these wool pellets are made from scrap wool from Utah, and hold up to 20% of their weight in water, allowing them to slowly release water when your plants need it the most. As the pellets absorb water, they expand, which allows for optimal root growth! These biodegrade over about six months (though they're nearly impossible to see after about three months), and as they decompose, the wool helps to aerate the soil.

      Even better, these wool pellets are made from 100% raw American grown wool that supports our farmers and ranchers. They're biodegradable, sustainable, and organic, and some have even said they can help deter slugs and snails. 

      For best results, mix about 5% wool pellets to 95% soil. 

  • End of Life
    • · These wool pellets come in FSC certified paper packaging that's fully and efficiently recyclable. Both the EcoEnclose or other mailer that this product comes in, and its direct packaging, are recyclable.
    • · Any sticker on the packaging is made from recycled paper as well!
  • Shipping & Delivery
    • · Each order of pellets ships 2-8 days after you place your order.
  • FAQ
    • · This product is made by a woman owned company that upcycles wool and other organic raw materials from local American farmers and ranchers. Products are hand packed, made or assembled in Massachusetts with a mix of hydro, solar and wind power.