Reusable Vegetable Bag

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  • Product Description

      You ready to be a kitchen hero? Reducing waste in the kitchen doesn't have to be way too complicated or difficult-- a compost bin and a reusable produce bag goes a long way. This one actually *keeps food from going bad for longer.*

      These bags are super versatile-- they can go to the grocery store with you, but also keep your food fresh in the fridge for longer to fight pesky food waste, a win-win.

      We've got a lot of different sizes, but this one is our smallest size (12"x11") and is best for salad greens, carrots, broccoli and radishes. Each bag creates a humid and breathable environment for vegetables. When damp, the bag wicks away excess moisture while keeping vegetables well-hydrated and fresh for up to 2 weeks (or more).

  • End of Life
    • · Made of 100% organic cotton, these bags are technically biodegradable when you're done with them, though we hope you won't be any time soon. They should last you a super long time since they're machine washable too. Just in case you can't comfortable compost them, we'll happily take them back and recycle them for you as part of our circularity pledge-- just shoot us a note at hi@goldune.com.
    • · Your order ships in a paper mailer or cardboard box, all materials are plastic free and recyclable at curbside (including the shipping label!).
  • Shipping & Delivery
    • · This totally machine washable and reusable produce bag ships 1-5 days after you place your order. Go crazy!
  • FAQ
    • · To use, soak your bag in water and wring out until just damp. Shake water off gently washed greens and vegetables and place in the bag. No need to dry or spin lettuce! Store in coldest part of fridge. When the bag gets a little dry after a few days just dampen lightly under the faucet, produce and all!
    • · We recommend washing with fragrance-free detergent, tumble dry.