Upcycled Denim Contrast Side Table in Small

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  • Product Description

      Make a subtle statement with this upcycled contrast side table. The super chic design with minimal, clean lines make this piece cool enough to stand out yet versatile enough to keep with you through all your decorating phases. 

      Its unique, upcycled laminate material makes this side table both sturdy and stylish, aka the perfect accessory to your bedroom, living room, and home office.

  • End of Life
    • · This product ships flat in 100% recycled packaging with a recycled cardboard box. It is plastic and bubble wrap-free.
    • · Designed to last.
    • · Need help figuring out what to do with the table when you’re done with it? Though we hope that’s a long time to come, we’re here to help. Shoot us a note at hi@goldune.com.
  • Shipping & Delivery
    • · This product ships about 3-7 business days after you order it.
  • FAQ
    • · Small table measures 13.7” W x 20” H. It can be used as a bedside table or even an impromptu stool. Getting the medium, too? This small size nestles perfectly underneath the medium.
    • · Wipe clean with a dry cloth.
  • Ingredients & Materials
    • · Made from a sustainable laminate comprised of recycled denim fiber with a birch plywood core. The unique characteristics of the fibers create a variegated navy surface, making each table a unique piece!