Upcycled Linen Dog Bed in Ochre

Size: Large

Filling Options: Pillow & Insert

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  • Product Description
      These dog beds and pillows are crafted from locally sourced deadstock fabric that would have otherwise gone to waste! While they're technically for pets, we wouldn't say no to flopping down on one of these and watching a movie.

      This Ochre Linen Dog Bed comes with a small lavender sachet that is a natural mosquito repellent and calms dogs. The cover is machine washable (on cold or delicate) and can be hung dry or tumble dried on low. We recommend a small for dogs up to 30 lbs, a medium for dogs up to 65 lbs, and a large for dogs up to 110 lbs. When in doubt, size up!

    • End of Life
      • · This Ochre Linen Dog bed comes in a standard corrugated box. If you order your dog bed with an insert, it'll come vaccuum sealed, and the cover will come in a plastic bag. Our partner is transitioning away from the plastic bag, with hopes to give the packaging a full refresh soon.
      • ·  When you're done with this dog bed, the memory foam can be reused (use it to stuff a pillow case!) or recycled at a qualified facility. You can remove the zipper from the cover and cut it up to repurpose for home use.
    • Shipping & Delivery
      • · This Ochre Linen Dog Bed ships about 2-4 business days after you order it.
    • FAQ
      • · Each Ochre Linen Dog bed pillow cover is pre-washed and won't shrink! There's a brass zipper closure for easy removal, and a durable canvas bottom that makes it easy to brush off fur build up.
      • · Small: 29”x35", best for dogs up to 35 lbs.
      • · Medium: 35"x43", best for dogs up to 60 lbs.
      • · Large: 40”x50”, best for dogs up to 110 lbs.
    • Ingredients & Materials
      • · This dog bed is made of deadstock fabric by The Wolf Nest and is Oeko-tex certified.
      • · Each insert is made of hypoallergenic mattress-quality memory foam to support healthy joints.