Organic Cotton Tampon Set
Organic Cotton Tampon Set by The Organic Project
Organic Cotton Tampon Set by The Organic Project
Organic Cotton Tampon Set
Organic Cotton Tampon Set by The Organic Project
Organic Cotton Tampon Set by The Organic Project

The Organic Project

Organic Cotton Tampon Set
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The journey from start to complete sustainability is anything but linear, so we designed a little barometer to make comparing products easier.

The applicator is made from sugarcane instead of traditional plastic or rough cardboard, so you can be nicer to the planet without being uncomfortable.

    How do I use a plant based applicator tampon?
    The compact applicator is made of two tubes, with the tampon inside.  To use a plant based applicator tampon, pull the inner tube down to extend the applicator.  Position the applicator into your vaginal opening until the outer tube is almost completely inserted. Then, push the inner tube until the tampon is fully deployed from the applicator. Use the lightest absorbency possible and change your tampon at least every 4-8 hours, depending on your flow.
    What are TOP tampons, pads, and liners made from?
    TOP’s period products are made from 100% organic cotton and a non-toxic adhesive. Free from synthetic fibers, pesticides, perfumes, chlorine or dioxins.
    Why organic cotton?
    Most high-street tampons are made from a blend of GMO cotton, rayon, and potentially harmful chemical additives. For more details on why organic cotton is better, see our pages Better for You and Our Purpose.
    How does the subscription process work?
    Easy! First, select the items you want and put them in your cart. Then, decide how frequently you’d like to receive your box. You’ll receive an email each month 3 days before your order ships to add or remove products or even skip a month. Finally, enter your shipping and billing details. Lucky you! No more last minute trips to the store!
    Are TOP period products biodegradable?
    TOP cares about our planet and the environment we live in. Our period products: tampons, pads, and liners are plant based and biodegradable to reduce landfill waste. We’re trying to make periods more eco-friendly Always dispose of period products responsibly.

    End of Life

  • · This package ships in a brown box and sometimes comes with paper insulation, both fully recyclable.
  • · The tampon applicator is sugarcane in a plastic wrapper. Our friends at TOP are working hard to develop a biodegradable wrapper for these tampons in the future! Dispose of the applicator in the trash, and recycle the box.
  • · This product ships in about 1-2 business days after you order it.
  • · There are two boxes of super tampons in each set. Each box includes 14 tampons for a total of 28 tampons.
  • · This product is produced in a GOTS, organic and ICEA certified sustainable supply chain in Slovenia/Ohio, powered by a local water source.
  • · These tampons are free of toxins, chemicals, synthetics, fragrances and dyes, and are hypoallergenic. They have a smooth, curved tip for comfortable easy insertion and offer superior leak protection.