Organic Adaptogenic Immunity Booster Tea Blend

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  • Product Description

      We're suckers for a good founder story, and this product, and its sister product, really delivered. They're made by a really cool women-of-color-owned company, The Inside Outside, whose founder, Anne Zhou, grew up manning the cash register at her parent's herbal shop. Traditional Chinese Medicine was a way of life for her family, and Anne's wellness blends pay homage to her parents, to the legacy of Chinatown, and to the diverse and raw herbs that she relies on to support her well-being. 

      The way Anne sees it, TCM emphasizes prevention first -- her Adaptogenic Immunity Booster tea blend is formulated with a hefty handful of adaptogenic herbs to fortify and support the body's immune system. This tea blend also comes in a recyclable jar.

      To use, mix 1 teaspoon into hot water. Feel free to add honey!

  • End of Life
    • · This product comes in a 6.5oz glass jar that ships in a cardboard box, with upcycled (and biodegradable!) packing peanuts. When you're done with it, peel or sponge off the label. (For now, this partner uses labels that aren't biodegradable, which means you'll have to put it in the trash and send it to landfill.)
    • · The jar is yours to reuse after a quick wash. You can send it to a recycling facility if you must, but we don't see why you would when it is the perfect size for condiments, spices, and bits and bobs around the house.
  • Shipping & Delivery
    • ·This Tea Powder will ship 1-3 days after you place your order and ships from New York City.
  • FAQ
    • · This product is made in a New York, NY, by founder Anne Zhou.
    • · This product comes from a WOC-owned brand who makes small batch products.
  • Ingredients & Materials
    • · For a full list of ingredients, peruse through the product photos! We've included an image with the guidance and ingredients from the back of the jar.