Tache Pistachio Milk 6-Pack (Exclusive!)


Flavor | Unsweetened 6-Pack


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Tache Pistachio Milk 6-Pack (Exclusive!)



Unsweetened 6-Pack

  • Product Description

      We've got a lot in common with our friends over at Tache-- we're both small businesses who care a lot about sustainability, both our founders are Iranian-American women who hail from alt-milk loving California but have called New York City and its best-ever cappucinos home, and both Tache and Goldune were born in late 2020. In short, when it was time to launch our first ever limited edition sustainable food + beverage capsule, The Shelf, we had already been smitten with Tache for months. 

      Almond milk, while a delicious dairy milk alternative, is often made from almonds grown in drought-ridden California. Almonds are thirsty little suckers-- they take a lot of water to grow. Pistachio trees consume about 75% less water than almond trees do, and these pistachios aren't grown in water-challenged California, which makes Tache the perfect, slightly more sustainable friend to your morning coffee than almond or dairy milks. Tache comes in a big pack of six, which allows us to pack and ship these more efficiently and to be more responsible about our emissions and resource consumption. Each 6-pack of Tache ships 1-5 days after you place your order. Psst! Goldune is the only retailer who carries a pack that includes both Unsweetened + Original. We're calling it The Goldune Special.

      Tasting notes: velvety, silky and smooth. This is one of our favorite alt milks for a reason. In our experience, it doesn't separate the way some almond milks do. It's particularly great in matcha, hot chocolate, adaptogenic lattes and cold brew. 

  • End of Life
    • · Tache comes packaged in a TetraPak, which means they are shelf stable and can be stored at room temperature, and packed more efficiently for a lighter carbon footprint. (It takes *a lot* of energy to refrigerate glass bottles, however beautiful they may be.)
    • · When you're finished with your cartons of Tache, recycle those TetraPaks!
    • · Tache ships in a cardboard box that can be efficiently recycled with minimal insulation. We're shipping these with love from our studio, so they may come to you in upcycled or recycled packaging, and any insulation inside the box is recycled or compostable.
  • FAQ
    • · Plant-based milks often rely on the addition of rapeseed or canola oil to make them creamy or blendable. Táche is made with zero added oil, which we really love. Tache's velvety, barista-friendly texture comes from the natural oils in pistachios.
    • · Ingredients: water, pistachio, cane sugar (not present in Unsweetened flavor!). Contains 2% of less of: acacia gum, gellan gum, sea salt, dipotassium phosphate, natural flavors.