Recycled Capsule Floor Mat in Black Terrazzo

Size: 20"x36"

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  • Product Description

      More stylish than your average door mat (and more sustainable too), the Capsule Floor Mat is made by hand in the USA from recycled rubber crumbs in a closed loop system that allows scraps to get rolled into LEED-certified recycled rubber sheets. Don't let its planet-friendly pedigree fool you: this floor mat's tough enough to stand up to heavy foot traffic, stays put, and can be used indoors or outdoors.

  • End of Life
    • · This floor mat ships in a recyclable cardboard box with craft paper insulation.
    • · Even recycled rubber can technically be recycled again, though we can't currently collect it for you. This material should be durable and long-lasting, and hopefully by the time you've fully worn it out, we'll have a solution in place. In the meantime, if you have questions, you can email us at hi@goldune.com and we'll do everything we can to help!
  • Shipping & Delivery
    • · This product ships directly from its awesome makers over at Slash Objects 1-3 days after you order it
  • FAQ
    • · This product can be cleaned by wiping it down with warm soapy water.
    • · We offer two sizes of this color door mat, one 18"x30" and one 20"x36".