Reusable Razor, Blade + Shaving Cream Bar Set


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Reusable Razor, Blade + Shaving Cream Bar Set




  • Product Description

      By far our most requested product of 2020, we're stoked to finally have found a razor bundle we're smitten with. Consider this Razor 101: start here if you're new to using a reusable or safety razor and need to start from scratch.

      This bundle contains one metal safety razor plus ten extra razor blades, and a handy dandy compact square of shaving cream-- in bar form! Choose your scent preference (floral or fresh!) and glide over wet legs, pits, or faces before following with the razor. Be gentle! The razors own weight and heft applies all the pressure you need for a close shave, no pushing, pressing or dragging necessary.

      Each razor bundle ships from Canada (BC to be exact!) 1-4 days after you place your order. 

  • End of Life
    • · Shaving cream bars come packaged in an individual box that is actually made of seed paper! Plant in soil and watch it bloom.
    • · Razor comes in recyclable paperboard packaging with a recycled paper label applied with a water-based adhesive. Plop the whole thing in the recycling.
    • · Your order will ship in a cardboard box or recycled kraft paper-stuffed kraft mailers.
    • · After you've planted the shaving cream bar box and recycled the paperboard razor box, all you are left with is metal, which can be recycled in special "sharp" facilities. Shoot us a note at if you want help finding one near you!
  • FAQ
    • · Each order contains a safety razor and ten replacement blades made by Green Room, a woman-owned business based in Victoria, BC, Canada.