Reclaimed Wood Large Nesting Lazy Susan in White

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  • Product Description
  • End of Life
    • · Wood is biodegradable, though it will take quite some time to break down and isn’t generally at-home compostable. Need help figuring out where to drop this off when you’re done with it? Though we hope that’s a long time to come, we’re here to help. Shoot us a note at hi@goldune.com.
  • Shipping & Delivery
    • · Each order ships in 2-5 days
    • · This product ships in a box and is wrapped in either paper wrap. We recommend curbside recycling the packaging.
    • · This product ships in a box and is wrapped in either paper, wrap, or bubble wrap depending on the product type.
  • FAQ
    • · Weight: 10.0 lbs.
    • · Length: 20 inches.
    • · Width: 20 inches.
    • · Height: 3 inches.
    • · Recommend using a barrier such as parchment paper, a plate or a bowl for non-dry and hot ingredients.
    • · This board is intended for serving only. No knives or sharp utensils should be used on this board.
    • · Wipe the surface clean with hot soapy water immediately after using and then dry with a clean, dry dish towel. Never submerge your wood board in water and avoid abrasive cleaning products. Brightly colored foods such as berries, turmeric and mustard may stain white and lighter waxed boards.
  • Ingredients & Materials
    • · Hand-made from reclaimed wood.
    • · Coated in a 100% plant-based, food-safe wax finish.