Plastic-Neutral Pregnancy Tests


Count | 1 box (4 tests) - $4.00 per test


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Plastic-Neutral Pregnancy Tests



1 box (4 tests) - $4.00 per test

  • Product Description

      Listen, everyone needs 'em at one point or another. We're alive, aren't we? These ones happen to be plastic-neutral, and honestly, an upgrade from the ugly, clunky drugstore stuff you're embarrassed to have the cashier to ring you up with. Good looking though they may be, we promise you're not compromising quality: these tests are highly-sensitive and clinically proven to be over 99% accurate. They'll work up to 5 days before your expected period, and when bundled can cost as little as $1.25 a test. See? Sustainability can be sleek, chic, and affordable to boot. 

      When it comes to pregnancy, or planning for it, there isn't much of a way around plastic ovulation and pregnancy tests. Our friends at Natalist make a plastic neutral option that removes as much plastic from our ecosystems as they generate, so you can focus on the big thing right now-- being or getting pregnant!-- and not the other big things (the climate crisis, which we can talk about later).

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  • End of Life
    • · These tests are made of ABS (#7) plastic, which is highly recyclable, but not all recycling facilities are with-it enough to know what to do with it. If you have questions about how to find out we can help you. Email us at
    • · In order to properly recycle a test, you must remove the test strip from inside the plastic casing-- this is pretty simple with a pair of kids scissors or a butter knife. If you need help, shoot us a note and we can walk you through it.
    • · These tests don't include batteries like digital tests do. Hip, hip, hooray!
    • · All packaging is 100% recyclable through your standard curbside recycling pick up. Another note about the packaging-- it's discreet!
  • FAQ
    • · No app is needed to use these pregnancy tests, and they come with clear, jargon-free instructions in both English and Spanish.
    • · These tests have been clinically proven by our friends at Natalist to be 99% effective.