Recycled Plastic Cleaning 5-Piece Set

Color: Khaki

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  • Product Description

      In the market for better cleaning tools? This set is serious enough to tackle a full home, but compact enough to fit comfortably in small spaces. Made of reclaimed post-consumer recycled plastic (straight from the recycling bin on the curb!) you can count on this dustbin and set of four brushes to be durable enough to last and get the job done, and sustainable enough to feel good about.

      Each set contains a dust bin and four complementary brushes-- each a total cleaning hero in its own way. We love the longer brushes (especially the one with bristles on the top and bottom!) for washing dishes and getting those tough inside corners of your water bottle or pitchers. The long, flat brush is perfect for shower tiles and other spaces you want to clean in broad strokes, while the dustbin is quite obviously perfect for sweeping up spills or even banishing crumbs from the dinner table. 

  • End of Life
    • · Both this cleaning set and the packaging it ships in can be recycled! Not all curbside recycling programs will take recycled plastic cleaning tools, so just shoot us a note at hi@goldune.com if you need help figuring it out. We'll make it easy for ya!
  • Shipping & Delivery
    • · Each 5-Piece Set ships 1-5 days after you place your order.
  • FAQ
    • · Made in Germany by European home design geniuses over at Haug Bursten, each brush (and bin!) is made of 96% recycled post-consumer plastic collected from Germany's "green bins" (which are equivalent to our blue bins here in the US!). They can be recycled yet again when you're done with them, though we hope you won't be for quite some time.