Sustainable Organic Pest Control 2-Pack
Sustainable Organic Pest Control 2-Pack

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Sustainable Organic Pest Control 2-Pack
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The journey from start to complete sustainability is anything but linear, so we designed a little barometer to make comparing products easier.
Nothing can ruin your indoor gardening groove like mites, gnats, and everything of the sort. Fear not! We have the solution to keeping your plants healthy and bug-free—his pest control is packed with organic ingredients that have the natural ability to shoo away unwanted plant guests.

  • · This product ships in 12”x2” soft compostable mailer or recycled and recyclable cardboard box.
  • · The bottle is made from 100% recyclable glass. It can also be repurposed as a vase or pen cup.
  • · This product ships 1-2 business days after you order it.
  • · Includes two 2oz bottles of Pest Control.
  • · Mix 1-2 teaspoons of the concentrate per 16oz of water and shake well to combine.
  • · Spray all over your plant every week until it gets better.
  • · Made from potassium salt of fatty acids, clarified hydrophobic neem oil ext, organic rosemary oil, geraniol, organic peppermint oil, and other organic ingredients.