Recycled 12-Plant Indoor Gardening System

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  • Product Description

      Put your green thumb to work…indoors! Created with 83% recycled materials, this indoor garden is designed to  look like a sleek decor piece while actually growing your favorite plants, herbs, and flowers from the comfort of your living room, kitchen, or wherever. 

      Each garden can host up to 12 plants and comes with a seedling starter kit and 12 seed packages. The seed variety (kale, arugula, basil, and lettuce) means you’ll soon have everything you need for a killer chop salad or herby dip from home. Better yet, you only need to water once every 2-3 weeks–no need for a plantsitter when you’re on vacation! Once your garden is ready to harvest, you’ll be saving trips to the grocery store and enjoying the fruits of your labor…literally.

  • End of Life
    • · This product ships in a recycled cardboard box with non-recyclable plastic covers on the unit for added protection inside the box. We’re working to phase out plastics in the shipping process, because you know we like to keep it plastic-free.
    • · The gardening tower is designed to last and be used to grow plants for a long, long time. If you no longer want to use it to grow plants, you can simply repurpose it as a decor piece in your home. When you can get absolutely no other use out of it, the lights, steel screws, and nuts can be recycled. Shoot us a note at hi@goldune.com to find the best place to dispose of the remaining parts.
  • Shipping & Delivery
    • · This product ships 5-7 business days after you order it.
  • FAQ
    • · The gardening unit measures 57” H x 18.5” W X 8.25” D and weighs 35 lbs.
    • · Includes the assembled gardening unit, starter kit, user manual, and instructions guides.
    • · The starter kit includes: 12 peat moss plugs, 1 seedling kit for 24 plants (dome, wood base, grid, tray), 12 seed packages (3x basil, 3x arugula, 3x lettuce, 3x kale), 60ml Aqua Vega A nutrients, and 60ml Aqua Vega B nutrients.
    • · Plugs into a standard 120-volt, 3-prong electrical outlet.
    • · Uses approximately .072kW of energy per hour.
  • Ingredients & Materials
    • · Made from 83% recycled materials.
    • · Wood base/cabinet is made out of different upcycled woods.
    • · Upcycled wood used for the base of the seedling kit.
    • · Front Cover is ABS (high-density polyethylene resin) and is made from 90% recycled materials.
    • · Back Plate is ABS (thermoplastic polymer) made from 90% recycled materials.
    • · Plumbing shield ABS (thermoplastic polymer) is made from 90% recycled materials.
    • · Other materials: PVC light shades, zinc plated steel screws and panel nuts, corner protectors made from ABS (non-recycled thermoplastic polymer), BPA-free plastic water reservoir, LED lights, plastic dome, tray, a grid in the seed starter kit, peat moss plugs in the plant starter kit.
    • · The AQUA Vega A & B is a three-part solution of potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus that essentially recreates the nutrients in soil.