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  • Product Description

      Listen, we've tried a lot of toothpaste tabs. They weren't all good. These ones were better than good-- they're absolutely great. Toothpaste purists rejoice! These tabs are just as minty and strong as the classical paste you've grown accustomed to, without the completely unrecyclable wasteful plastic tube. 

      If you're new to tabs, don't stress, it's really easy. Take one tab and bite down on it. Chew it up a little bit, wet your brush, and get to brushing your teeth. It's like riding a bike. 

      These toothpaste tabs do all the things that traditional toothpaste does-- namely removing plaque, fighting bad breath, and caring for your teeth-- but without the plastic. 

      Ordering this will get you a refill, but click here if this is your first time giving Huppy toothpaste tabs a whirl, and you'll need the refillable toothpaste tablet container. Each order gets you 248 tabs (about 4 and a half months worth of toothpaste!).

  • End of Life
    • · Good news! This product is plastic-free. We're obsessed. Everything from the SFI-certified mailer/box you receive your order in, to the shipping label that gets stuck on it is compostable. The refill pouches that the toothpaste tabs come in are also at-home compostable-- they're made of cellulose. The aluminum tins that contain your toothpaste tabs are designed to be refilled and reused! That said, aluminum is a highly recyclable material, so if you absolutely must get rid of it, rest assured knowing it'll get recycled.
  • Shipping & Delivery
    • · Your toothpaste tabs ship 1-3 days after you order them.
  • FAQ
    • · All the ingredients in your toothpaste tabs are sustainably and ethically sourced by the makers of this great toothpaste, Huppy, and then lovingly assembled and made in Southern California.
    • · Huppy is BIPOC owned and they pledge 2% of yearly sales to sustainable causes they believe in.