Recycled Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

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  • Product Description

      Microfiber is GOAT for its dense fibers that are highly absorbent, quick drying and highly absorbent-- and this recycled cleaning cloth iteration also happens to be streak-free and lint-free.


    • End of Life
      • · This product ships in a 100% recycled and compostable cardboard box with recyclable paper-based tape and labels.
      • · The microfiber cloths are designed to be used again and again, lasting for 100+ washes. They are made from recycled materials that can’t be recycled again but are covered under our circularity program. Just shoot us a note at hi@goldune.com when you're ready, and we'll walk ya through it!
    • Shipping & Delivery
      • · This product ships ~5 business days after you order it.
    • FAQ
      • · Includes a 2-pack of reusable microfiber waffle cloths.
      • · These cloths are ultra-durable, lasting up to 100+ washes.
    • Ingredients & Materials
      • · The microfiber cloths are made from 80% recycled polyester.