Sustainable Shampoo & Conditioner Bar and Travel Tin Bundle


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  • Product Description
      Listen, you can trust us-- we're *extremely* hard on the shampoo and conditioner bars we test and review, because there's nothing sustainable about buying something that doesn't work. Full disclosure: we have tested these bars on two hair types, so while we're giving it our stamp of approval, we want to note that we vetted it specifically on thick, long, heavy, straight and wavy hair.

      This travel and storage friendly bundle is perfect for folks who know what they like and are ready to commit to both our Suds Shampoo and 2-in-1 Conditioner + Shave Bar in one go. This bundle comes with a kitschy, vintage inspired tin that's ready to hit the road whenever you are, and saves you a few bucks on the whole enchilada.

      Fans of the Floral scent will be pleased to receive their shampoo and conditioner bars in the lavender adorned tin, while folks who gravitate towards the more citrus-y  Fresh scent will receive their bar hair care in the "van life" tin. 

  • End of Life
    • · Your order will ship in a cardboard box or recycled kraft paper-stuffed kraft mailers that can be curbside recycled. When you're done with your bars, there should be nothing left but your reusable and refillable tin. We hope you won't discard it, but should you need to, it can be recycled.
  • Shipping & Delivery
    • · Each set ships 1-4 days after you place your order.
  • FAQ
    • · For best results, store on a soap dish with drainage. If traveling, pat your bar dry and allow to air dry completely for 1-2 hours before packing in a travel tin. If you are storing your bars in a travel tin at home, keep the lid off for maximum airflow.
    • · Color of bars may vary! These are each handmade, so please bear with us.
    • · Vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate and sulfate free.