Biodegradable Deodorant in Pine Cedarwood
Biodegradable Deodorant in Pine Cedarwood

Good Flower Farm

Biodegradable Deodorant in Pine Cedarwood
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We're perpetually on the hunt for deodorants in biodegradable tubes that 1.) work! 2.) look great on the nightstand! and 3.) come in tantalizing scents for our pits. Good Flower Farm has nailed it. While not an antiperspirant, (aka no aluminum) this "natural" deo will keep you feeling fresh.

End of Life

  • · Your order ships in a recyclable corrugated cardboard box with recyclable paper based shipping tape and kraft paper whenever insulation is needed.
  • · Comes in a 2.75 oz eco-friendly biodegradable paperboard tube.
  • · Note: This product comes with a plastic sticker holding the tube & lid together as pictured. If you would like it without the sticker (plastic-free), there's an option for this when you add to cart.
  • · This product ships within 3-5 business days from Tennessee.
  • · Gently push up on tube to access desired amount of deodorant. For first use, you might need to push with more force to loosen the product. If you push up a lil too much, you should be able to gently push product down with palm of hand.
  • · During warmer months, this product may warm in transit. This means it may come a bit softer when it arrives to you, and there is potential for some oil marks on the packaging due to slight melting. It should not warm enough to melt or harm the product itself, and you can just pop it in the fridge for ten minutes if you want to warm it up.
  • · Swipe onto under arms, massaging deodorant in with fingers as necessary to ensure full absorption. Don't be afraid to give yourself a loving lymphatic massage!
  • · Store in a cool, dry place.
  • · Ingredients: *Coconut oil, *arrowroot powder, magnesium hydroxide, beeswax, *jojoba oil, *pine essential oil, *cedar wood essential oil, vitamin E oil. (*organic ingredient.)