Goldune Limited Edition Sustainable Spring Equinox Tee

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  • Product Description

      Part of our limited edition Nowruz + Spring Equinox Collection, these tees are the manifestation of everything we love: tradition + intersectionality, sustainability + circularity, and mostly importantly good, strong, design-y vibes. (There are few things we are interested in bringing into the world if they do not spark joy, least of all the ubiquitous tee.)

      Wondering why we made this tee, what's on it, and what it represents? Click here for all the context you might be missing. Already familiar with Nowruz (or Persian New Year, as you may know it) and want to peep everything else in the collection? Click here. Need a little translation? The large text on the back of the tee says "Goldune" in Farsi. The small text reads "Eid," the Arabic word for holiday. The "1400" text refers to the New Year that this Spring Equinox marks (yup, not everyone uses the Gregorian calendar!), the year 1400.

      Want to learn more about what makes this product so sustainable? Click the "End of Life" field below. Curious about fit, texture and sizing? Click the "FAQ" section below for exact measurements.

      This product is limited edition, which means there will be only one production run, and when we're sold out, we're sold out! We cannot accept returns and exchanges on this product, but you'll find more about our circularity program below. 

  • End of Life
    • · First, let's talk about how we brought these tees into the world-- we partnered with a sustainable apparel manufacturer that produces ethical and sustainable textiles in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The factory where our tees were made is managed by a 19 person all Bangladeshi team that is compliant with the labor standards of the International Labour Organisation.
    • · Now onto materials: these tees are 100% organic cotton, a non GMO fiber that uses less water than standard cotton. This cotton is free of chemical treatment, fertilizers or pesticides, and waste from the cotton ginning process is recycled. These tees are GOTS certified (GOTS = the Global Organic Textile Standard, the strictest certification for textiles that tracks the entire chain of production from growing, to harvesting, to weaving, to assembly, all the way down to the moment these tees are exported to Goldune).
    • · Besides being GOTS certified, these tees are also Oeko-Tex certified, OCS Blended, OOCS 100, Fairwear Foundation certified, CRS, Vegan and PETA approved.
    • · Now onto our circularity program, a new endeavor for Goldune that we're extra proud of: we don't want a single one of our apparel products to go to landfill. (Did you know that, according to the EPA, 11.3M tons of textile waste went to landfill in 2018 alone? Once in landfill, what few materials in our clothing can actually biodegrade can take over 200 years to break down.) When you're done with your tee, and ready to give it away, donate it, or (please, God, no!) throw it in the trash, just shoot us a note at hi@goldune.com. We'll email you a label, and you can ship the tee back to us. We'll upcycle it into future products or responsibly dispose of it, because there's no way we're going to make something that's headed for the trash.
    • · Your tee ships in an EcoEnclose envelope free of plastic tape, made of recycled materials. The shipping label on the outside of the envelope is a zero waste label from EcoEnclose too. Any paper inside the envelope (most likely a handwritten card from us) is also made of recycled paper and is fully and efficiently recyclable.
  • Shipping & Delivery
    • · Your tee ships from California 1-4 days after you place your order, and we'll make our best effort to ship this to you by the Spring Equinox on March 20th. Shipping carriers have become increasingly unpredictable in the pandemic, so while we'll do our best, you're better off ordering sooner rather than later, and we are unfortunately no longer in control of delivery dates once an item ships.
  • FAQ
    • · These tees are sized by EU standards, not American ones, and they are unisex. EU sizing tends to run a size smaller for Americans, while unisex sizes can run large for folks who feel most comfortable in American women's sizing. If you generally prefer men's or unisex sizing, we'd suggest you size up, and if you tend to prefer women's sizing, we'd suggest these tees will be true to your usual size preference.
    • · Click through our product photos for an exact size chart (in centimeters!).
    • · These tees don't have the texture of a beefy tee or a Hanes tee-- they're actually much thinner and softer, without that rough feel that you might have come to associate with merch. They'll get even softer with wear-- think more like a base layer, soft cotton tee you might wear on its own. This tee would be just as happy tucked into a pair of vintage Levi's as it would with your quarantine cozy pants.