Recycled Kitchen Cleaning 4-Piece Set

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  • Product Description

       Consider this your A-team-- waiting and ready at any moment to make your kitchen counter the best version of itself. 

      This set is designed to keep your kitchen countertop sparkling clean with a sleek paper towel holder, a roll of renewable bamboo paper towels, a countertop sweeper & squeegee set and a recycled and reusable glass spray bottle.

      This fan-favorite paper towel holder has a ceramic base that holds it in place and won’t scratch your counter, plus an easy-to-remove bamboo handle makes replacing the roll a breeze. It’s the perfect foil to the renewable bamboo paper towels, which absorb up to 7x their weight. 

      • End of Life
        • · This product ships in plastic-free packaging that can be recycled after you open it up.
        • · Since this collection is made of (already!) recycled materials, it can’t be recycled again-- we recommend reusing it for as long as possible.
      • Shipping & Delivery
        • · This item ships 1-3 days after you place your order.
      • FAQ
        • · Paper towel holder measures 6.5”L x 6.5” W x 12.5”H and is designed to hold paper towels 6.5” in diameter. Each spray bottle holds 12 oz of liquid.
        • · While the spray bottle is dishwashable, we recommend hand washing the rest of the reusable items in this set.
        • · Hand wash, hang dry, and reuse these renewable bamboo paper towel sheets for best results.
      • Ingredients & Materials
        • · Each set is made of recycled glass and plastic, ceramic, and renewable bamboo.