Reusable Avocado Hugger 2-Pack



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  • Product Description

      Waste less, eat avocado more -- these lil' guys help create a plastic-free and zero-waste kitchen environment, and are the perfect reusable food storage solution for the humble avo.

      Looking for a similar tool to keep things *other* than avocados fresh? We've got beeswax wraps and fruit + veggie savers for you!

      Your order includes one set of two dishwasher-safe Avocado Huggers by Food Huggers (one in each size, to fit petite and large avocados alike). Each set ships from California, 2-5 days after you place your order. 

  • End of Life
    • · Each set of Avocado Huggers ships in compostable or recycled packaging (either a compostable or EcoEnclose mailer) with minimal packaging.
    • · Silicone is highly durable, and typically is better for the environment than plastic, because it doesn't break down into microplastics that end up in animal or human bodies. That durability also means that it is sort of the opposite of biodegradable-- it takes forever to break down. These should truly last you years and years, if not longer, but if you find you are done with them and need to dispose of them, shoot us a note at so we can help you figure out the best silicone recycling option based on where you live.
  • FAQ
    • · 100% BPA & phthalate-free.
    • · 100% FDA food-grade silicone.
    • · Dishwasher safe.