Shopping sustainably should be easy, fun, cool, & kinda sexy. Here's how we do it.

Behind the scenes, we do lots of vetting and testing to ensure all our products meet our Bureau of Climate Positivity's rigorous standards for true "sustainability." Rest assured that if you are perusing our wares, you are viewing best-in-class options that have met our Three Commandments of Sustainability, as listed below.

Everything you find on Goldune is one or more of the following:

biodegradable & compostable
recycled & upcycled
carbon negative or
water, drought & energy efficient.

We source products that delight us and that we hope delght you: design-forward, functional, good-lookin' or handsome.

There is nothing sustainable about buying objects you don't find desirable and will soon throw away.

Sustainability, like a lot of other things we often treat as binary, is a spectrum.

There's no one right way to do this, and we're all getting smarter as we go. Better to try imperfectly than to let perfect be the enemy of good.

Much of our assortment is "circular"-- which means we'll take it back when you're done using it, and responsibly recycle, upcycle, or dispose of it for you.

Even better, we'll give you store credit for doing the cool thing-- just shoot us an email.