It sort of seems like "sustainable" means something different to every person who uses the word. The way we see it, sustainability, like a lot of other things we often treat as binary, is a spectrum. Here's a real life example: we know that electric vehicles are the way to go in the future, but making more of them requires doing a lot of mining to source the lithium needed for electric vehicle batteries. There's some good there, but also some challenges. It's not cookie cutter simple, or picture perfect, and we're justifiably wary of brands who pretend sustainability can be condensed into a hashtag.

We do things differently around here.

We're strict AF

We vet + test everything (from product to packing tape!) to make sure we can actually call it "sustainable" in earnest. (Plain ol' "recyclable" will never cut it-- it takes a lot more to walk the walk.) Once a product makes the cut and we're ready to sell it on Goldune, we give it a ranking on our sustainability spectrum, so you don't have to do all that extra homework. Want to dig deeper? We made an "End of Life" and "FAQ" section on each product page, just for that.

Good business

We work with lots of businesses, but we prioritize partnering with woman and BIPOC lead sustainable brands. On Team G, we think inclusivity starts with representation where it matters most: where the $ flows. We want more $ to flow to female + BIPOC business leaders driving sustainable innovation. Each quarter, we give you a fully transparent update on what % of our makers are women and BIPOC.

Climate positive

We're really picky about how we offset our emissions-- not all carbon offsets are created equal! Our #1 goal is always carbon negativity achieved through the reduction of emissions and not the purchase of offsets. We prefer to offset by funding projects with quantifiable carbon drawdown rather than planting a random tree, and we do so twice a year. In 2020 and 2021, we were climate positive/carbon negative.

Onward & upward

We're a 1 year old biz, so we've got a lot of hopes and dreams when it comes to sustainability and carbon negativity, and how we'll get there. For now, if there's a way to be more sustainable, you can bet we're working on it-- and powering other sustainable small businesses with our growth while we're at it, for a better future for all.

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