• Right now we ship to all 50 United States. We aren't able to ship to US territories or Canada yet.
  • Goldune drop ships, which means we don't ship all of our products to a separate fulfillment center where we consolidate them and then ship them to you. Each product you purchase comes directly from the brand or maker who makes it, and we don't have a Goldune warehouse that processes all our orders. This means products that are coming from different origins will all ship separately. Drop shipping cuts one leg of shipping and handling out of the equation (good for carbon footprint!) but it means that items in your order that are made by different merchants will all ship separately (bad for carbon footprint!). We consider this solution temporary and will work towards shipping and fulfillment methods in 2021 that are good for planet and good for people. 
  • If you placed an order, you'll receive tracking and shipping updates as each item in your order ships, indicating what is in each shipment. Please give your tracking information 24-48 hours to update (especially on weekends!).
  • If you got a heads up an order was shipped, and you got a tracking email and your package still hasn't moved within 48 hours, don't lose hope! It's possible the shipping carrier's scan is delayed, or that it will scan in at the next hub.
  • If an item is marked as delivered but hasn't arrived at your door yet, please wait a full 24 hours before reaching out (if you can help yourself!). These days, shipping carriers have a tendency of marking shipments as delivered a bit earlier than their actual arrival. We hope you'll bear with us as we navigate the brave new world of shipping in 2020!
  • If it's been 24 hours since your order was marked as delivered and you, your household and your neighbors haven't seen it, let us know. We will track that sucker down. Just email us the first and last name of the recipient, shipping address, and phone number.
  • Our packaging is standard, and most of our product pages tell you exactly what an item will arrive packaged in-- that said, packaging may be slightly different than what is listed if a maker finds a more sustainable option and mails it to you that way!
  • For status updates on your order, please contact us at hi@goldune.com or check the tracking updates you'll get sent via email rather than reaching out to the maker or manufacturer directly. 

Return Policy

  • All sales are final.
  • Many of our items are handmade and/or made to order. If this is indicated on the product page, it's likely that no two are exactly alike and there will be variation in the item you've received. We embrace each items uniqueness and celebrate its quirks! These are not considered damages or defects, and each of these is lovingly final sale. 
  • If your item arrives damaged or defective, notify us within 7 business days of its arrival. Send an email to hi@goldune.com with photos of the damaged item and packaging if applicable and indicate if you'd like a refund (via your original payment method) or replacement.
  • Please reach out to Goldune directly about any products you buy on Goldune.com rather than the product's maker or manufacturer directly. They can't help you like we can! Alternately, we are only able to troubleshoot or answer use and care questions about products purchased through our site. 

Placing Orders

  • Right now we can only accommodate one shipping address per order. If you want to ship to multiple addresses, you'll have to place individual orders. Sorry about that!
  • Sales and promo codes? We don't got 'em! If you see them floating around the internet, sadly, they're invalid. Our prices take into account the time, energy and sustainable resources from development to fulfillment, and they're fair to our makers who are doing most of the hard work to get you better, sustainable options.
  • We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and ShopPay. 
  • If you have any issues at checkout, you can email us at hi@goldune.com.
  • Got a custom request? We don't do that yet, but hope to soon. What you see is more or less what you get for now (save for the small variations in our handmade products!).

General Stuff

  • We don't have an app! You can find us first and foremost on Goldune.com and our social channels. 
  • As of yet, we aren't able to gift wrap. When we figure out a way to do that sustainably and operationally, you'll be first to know!
  • We don't have a phone number, but you can always email us with questions about products or sustainability at hi@goldune.com  
  • Want to join the Goldune fam and retail your products? Email us at hi@goldune.com.
  • Don't see your favorite product, but think we should carry it or it might be a good fit? Shoot us a note at hi@goldune.com.
  • Want to join the team but don't see any jobs listed? You can email us at hi@goldune.com.
  • Affiliate requests? We don't offer affiliate programs for bloggers and influencers for the time being, but we'll update this page when we change our policy.
  • Got questions that aren't answered here? You can check out the shipping, returns, and sustainability sections on this page, and of course email us if the answer isn't listed here. We're all ears at hi@goldune.com.


  • We strive to source products that are either low or no impact on the environment, OR help you accomplish that mission on your own by keeping waste out of landfill or toxins out of your environment.
  • On every single product page, you'll find a section called "End of Life". This is where we get to fill you in on the best way to dispose of this product and the packaging it comes in, so we can keep waste to a minimum.
  • Good news; Goldune carbon offsets all of our orders. Carbon offsets aren't perfect, so we'll keep thinking about the best way we can do things moving forward.
  • We steer clear of harmful chemicals or brands or factories that we know use them in production or any part of their supply chain. We ask a lot of questions (like, a lot!!) before we start carrying a product, but we aren't perfect-- if we miss something, you can always let us know at hi@goldune.com.
  • We want to be clear and honest: we are not a zero waste company. Some of our products come in plastic (and sometimes that has a lower carbon footprint than the alternative!), all of our products get shipped to you, which inherently leads to emissions. We know the best thing to do for the planet is to never shop at all, but we didn't think that was realistic. We're a solution for folks who aren't able to give up consumption altogether, but are looking for forays into better options than conventional commerce provides. 
  • When it comes to personal care, we strive for the cleanest of clean ingredients. We'll always list them for you so you can double check to make sure they live up to your personal standards.
  • Our paper products are all made of recycled paper and are recyclable. For specific details or a deep dive into how something gets made, check out the product page of the product you're curious about. 
  • Our textile products are all made of natural fibers and natural dyes. For specific details or a deep dive into how something gets made, check out the product page of the product you're curious about. 
  • If a product is edible or ingestible, we'll always be sure to share ingredients with you so you can be sure it's the kind of thing you want to put in your bod.
  • Everything you'll find in our Kitchen section is food safe. Don't worry about chemicals leeching when you heat something up! We did the heavy lifting to be sure there isn't anything to worry about.