Community at Goldune

"Community" is a funny word for a brand to use. Here's what it means to us.

Free resources

Can't afford to shop sustainably? All good-- we get it. We do our best to make as many free resources as we can, so you can have a positive, inclusive, non-judgmental space to talk, learn, and be a part of the climate + sustainability conversation, no matter what. Looking for that content? You can find it 24-7 on Planet G, our Instagram, and our (free, duh!) members-only Planet G community group.

Space for everyone

That whole "aspirational" *thin white model in expensive hemp pants drinking a cappucino in her sustainable beige house vibe* is... so not us. We wanted to create a warm, colorful place for folx of all shapes, identities and sizes to explore sustainability sans judgement. We don't buy into the idea of shame as a motivator. We're all doing our best. Pobody's nerfect.

Business as community

Looking out for your community also means making sure they get the $$ they deserve. We prioritize working with woman and BIPOC owned sustainable businesses who we've built strong, badass, two-way relationships with. Even our margins + business terms are structured to be advantageous to our community of partners.

Mutual support

We love when you support us and our sustainable partner brands. But we want to support you too. That's why we're hard at work developing more circular products and buyback programs (so we can pay you to take excess off your hands), incentive programs in the climate tech space (so it's easier for you to go green), and a climate refugee donation fund (so we can get our vulnerable communities what they need when they need it).

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