Our Story

Our founder found herself waking up to sustainability after a near decade living among NYC’s hot, smelly sidewalk trash. There were amazing emporiums for clean beauty products, and organic grocery stores abound, but when it came to her home, her purse, and her medicine cabinet, there wasn’t a place that united sustainable, functional and thoughtful brands under one roof (or URL).

For some reason, sustainability still felt like a fringe interest. Why was everything beige? Why did sustainability feel like something that only PhDs or waif-like influencers in expensive hemp pants and sandals got to talk about? She found herself wishing for sustainable products that felt as colorful, joyful, appealing, and brilliantly designed as their less earth-friendly counterparts. Goldune was born as a better, brighter, sustainable-er way to shop for people, for future, and for earth.


People sure do throw the word “sustainability” around a lot. We promise that here, it’s a lot more than marketing jargon— it’s all we do. Not everything that’s plastic is “bad”, and not everything that’s cotton is “good”. We actually think sustainability is a spectrum. That’s why we take the full lifecycle of a product into account, and let you pick what works best for you.

You can trust that every item we sell is safe for your family, and your bod, and easier on the environment than its conventional or less sustainable counterpart. You can learn more about our sustainability spectrum and product standards on our FAQ, and you'll find specifics on each product page.

The industry hasn’t been so inclusive to date. We want Goldune to be, starting with the array of brands we work with. 70% of the brands whose products we sell are helmed by women, and 29% are lead or founded by BIPOC. We'll keep you in the loop as our business grows and evolves.

Our Founder

Azora Zoe Paknad is not an expert on the climate crisis. She is, among other things, down to learn, and is an imperfect but excited Intersectional Environmentalist. 

Before starting Goldune, Azora Zoe worked in the ecommerce + content universe. She doesn’t think shopping sustainably will save the world on its own, but if we have the option to go easy on the Earth and each other every chance we get... why wouldn’t we? 

The one thing Azora Zoe is an expert at is shopping. (No, really.) If there’s a product made sustainably, she has probably tried it— you can find her guide to her favorites over on Planet G, where we share our editorial musings.