Goldune's your destination for a fun, more sustainable life.

We think that we'll be way more successful at getting people to make sustainable lifestyle shifts at home if we make sustainability less bland, $$$, and stressful.

Getting started with sustainability should be easy, fun, cool, & kinda sexy—and here, it is.

Feeling curious?

Here's our out-of-this-world origin story.

First, there was Earth, and she was dandy & biodiverse as heck.

Not too long after existing, people uncorked fossil fuels, rooted + tooted coal, and started livin’ like Earth’s resources would never run out. (Because, well, they hadn’t yet.)

People aren’t so bad, and they almost always mean well. They bungled this one thing pretty hard, pretty fast though.

The People invented “sustainability” in the Earth year of 1969. For the first 50 years, “sustainability” meant different things to different People. The People made “sustainability” look pretty ugly. Everything was beige. They also made it more expensive, and not very fun to be “sustainable."

The People then wondered why no one wanted to spend all their time & money on being “sustainable” and got mad at each other about it. The People fought among each other while Earth checked her wrist-watch. Time was tickin’!

Some People searched the galaxy high & low for inspiration and found Planet G, a colorful, glimmering, shiny orb, and an example of what Earth could be.

The biggest difference The Voyagers noticed was that on Planet G, “sustainability” was fun, cool, and kind of sexy. It was easy for the People to get excited & curious about “sustainability” on Planet G.

I made the Maiden Voyage to Outer Space's Far West to the New Frontier of Planet G, where I now reside. The People here are very welcoming to all, regardless of one’s origin or affinity for “sustainability.”

I document my observations of Planet G in letters I send back to the People on Earth, so that there may be inspiration for a “sustainable” future where all People are welcome, accepted and free to explore “sustainability” with joy & curiosity, a glimpse of a less beige future, like the People of Planet G.


Azora Zoe
Anthropologist of “Sustainability”
Chief Voyager
Founding Earthling