Recycled & Compostable Gift Wrap, Gift Tag & Ribbon Kit

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  • Product Description

      Let's face it, the holidays are high-stress-- and high-waste. We wanted to find a way to solve both those problems, without adding any more work or sustainability-shaming to your plate. We're pattin' ourselves on the back because we think we nailed this one: recycled and biodegradable gift wrap kits that are as easy on the planet as they are on the eyes.

      Each Recycled & Compostable Gift Wrap, Gift Tag & Ribbon Kit includes...

      • 5 sheets of 21.5" x 34" double-sided wrapping paper, with our signature Goldune floral on one side and our blue and white checker print on the other.

      • 1 spool of royal blue compostable cotton curling ribbon. 

      • 3 tear-off gift tags, ready for you to personalize.

      The best part? The gift wrap sheets are made of recycled, premium-grade, domestic newspapers, and the entire kit, down to the ribbon spool or clear film each gift wrap kit is packed in, is fully at-home compostable and made here in the US.


  • End of Life
    • · The wrapping paper, ribbon and gift tags this set comes with are all at-home compostable, as well as the clear film each gift wrap set ships in and the biodegradable spool that the ribbon is wound around!
    • · Your order ships in a recycled and recyclable envelope. If you order several wrapping paper kits, or order them along with one of our gift sets, they may ship in a recyclable corrugated cardboard box. We use as little packaging as possible, and your box will include one insert from Team G, printed on recycled and recyclable paper.
  • Shipping & Delivery
    • · Each order ships 1-4 days after you place your order.
  • FAQ
    • · Each sheet of wrapping paper is 21.5 x 34 inches.
    • · Each gift wrap set includes five double-sided sheets of wrapping paper.
    • · These kits are manufactured for Goldune by a woman-owned team here in the US.
  • Ingredients & Materials
    • · Our recyclable and compostable gift wrapping sheets are made of recycled newsprint and are all packed in a compostable, plant-based PLA bag.
    • · Printed on premium-grade uncoated newsprint (domestic newspapers!) with soy-based inks, FSC-certified.
    • · The royal blue biodegradable curling ribbon is made from compostable cotton.
    • · We built our gift tags into the paper belly band that holds each gift wrap set together to use less paper, and make the most of what we do use! They are perforated with a perforated hole to thread ribbon through.