Zero-Waste Farmer's Market Flower Tote in Denim

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  • Product Description

      Look at you, you're practically Anne of Green Gables. These reusable flower totes are perfect for picking up a fresh bouquet at the farmer's market, or bundling up your very own garden stems and herbs. With clever straps, it can be hung vertically too-- consider surprising a friend or loved one by hanging a fresh set of blooms on their doorknob for a socially distant surprise gift. 

      Now for the fun part-- this product is made from locally sourced surplus denim in a zero waste production process by Aplat in San Francisco. Your flower tote will ship 1-3 days after you order it. 

      • End of Life
        • · Awesome news: this tote is totally biodegradable and is made in a zero waste manufacturing process inspired by the efficiencies and brilliance of origami, geometry and the golden ratio.
        • · This product will ship in a recyclable envelope or small box.
        • · Textiles can take a long time to biodegrade, and this product is made to be durable! Use it as long as you possibly can, and if you do decide to compost it in a home compost, you'd do best by cutting it up into smaller pieces first.
      • FAQ
        • · Each Flower Tote is 10" x 17" and has two 20” straps that are designed to tie in front or pull up to carry flowers.
        • · This product is made of 100% organic GOTS-certified preshrunk cotton in a completely zero waste manufacturing cycle in San Francisco, CA. Each bag is reusable, washable, and includes no plastic or metal hardware.
        • · Machine wash hot or cold, though you know cold is better for the environment, right? Air dry.