Upcycled Oat Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix 3-Pack

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  • Product Description

      This is our kind of cookie-- it's got crispy edges, soft chewy centers, and notes of butterscotch, brown sugar, and vanilla. Best of all, its made with upcycled flour that would have otherwise gone to waste.

      Never heard of the magic that the folks at Renewal Mill work before? They use a really efficient co-location model to capture and upcycle byproduct from different food manufacturing partners. That means that not only are they upcycling food that would have otherwise gone to waste or contributed to global warming, but Renewal Mill upcycled ingredients are made within the factories they are rescued from and processed into their final form before they ever leave the factory floor for the first time.

      Each order contains 3 bags of oat chocolate chip cookie mix made with Renewal Mill's upcycled flour-- all you need to make cookies is oil and water, and each order contains enough mix to make up to 60 cookies. 

    • End of Life
      • · This product is packaged in plastic as a necessity to preserve its shelf life, but the thoughtful team at Renewal Mill offsets that plastic consumption through rePurpose Global, removing an equal amount of plastic from the environment.
      • · The cardboard boxes this product ships in are recyclable.
    • Shipping & Delivery
      • · Your Renewal Mill deliciousness will ship 2-4 days after you place your order.
    • FAQ
      • · Renewal Mill offsets all of their ingredients, for carbon neutral flours. They plan to offset all of the ingredients they use in their baking mixes this year to be a completely carbon neutral company as well as an upcycled company.
      • · This business currently uses steam heat (heated by fossil fuel) but is doing active R&D on a solar thermal system.
      • · Renewal Mill is a woman-owned independent business operating out of Oakland, California.