Biodegradable Hair Bands
Biodegradable Hair Bands

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Biodegradable Hair Bands
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The journey from start to complete sustainability is anything but linear, so we designed a little barometer to make comparing products easier.

Unlike standard hairbands that are made of synthetic rubber and polyester (materials that are not biodegradable), these biodegradable hair ties are made from natural rubber and organic cotton, making them fully compostable and plastic-free.

  • · These eco-friendly hair ties ship in a plastic-free, paper-padded mailer.
  • · When you're done with this product, it will biodegrade in the trash, but we'd prefer you composted it, whether in your home compost or a facility!
  • · These hairties ship about 1-2 business days after you order 'em.
  • · There are 27 hair ties per pack.
  • · This product is made in China in a small manufacturing company.