Zero-Waste Cleaning Set

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  • Product Description

      This is the trifecta of biodegradable, carbon-saving, plastic-free, plant-based, WOC created cleaning essentials, and we're here for it. 

      This cleaning bundle includes...

      • 3 of our Pop Up Sponges, each 100% plant-based, made from wood pulp with no plastics or dyes, and completely flat until you get them wet, for an even lighter carbon footprint while shipping. 
      • 1 Scrub Sponge, also 100% plant based, made from natural luffa, wood pulp and hemp, with no plastics or glues. Strong on sticky stuff, and soft on non stick pans!
      • 1 Dish Brush and Replacement Brush Head, both 100% plant based and made from bamboo, sisal, and hemp, with no plastic or varnish. When the bristles wear out, gently twist on a new brush head.

      All of the items in this set are compost friendly and totally zero waste. Va va voom!

    • End of Life
      • · This product comes wrapped packaged in fully biodegradable sugarcane bags and kraft paper printed with soy based ink. It ships in a kraft envelope. The kraft paper is home compostable and made in an American mill that is hydroelectric powered. The sugarcane bag can be composted in a municipal facility.
      • · When you're done with the sponge, and scrub sponge it can be composted in your home compost. It'll go faster if you cut it into itty bitty pieces.
      • · Keep the handle of your dish brush forever, and compost the head when they're worn down and soiled.
      • · Every product in this set can be composted both at home and in a municipal facility.
    • Shipping & Delivery
      • · This product ships about 2-3 business days after you order it.
    • FAQ
      • · Each order includes one dish brush, one scrubby sponge, one pop up sponge and one replacement head for the dish brush.
      • · This product is made with wood pulp from a mill that uses a managed reforestation method for renewable growth in a facility that is ISO 14001 certified.
      • · The pop-up sponge is made from wood pulp from trees, while the Scrub Sponge is made from Luffa, a tropical gourd, along with wood pulp from trees, and cannabis-derived hemp. The Dish Brush is made of bamboo, agave-derived sisal, and cannabis-derived hemp.
      • · This product is 100% plastic-free.
      • · The sponges are compressed to be carbon-saving at 1/3 the weight and 1/8 the size of a standard sponge.