Bulk Plastic-Free Dishwasher Tablets

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  • Product Description

      We love a plastic-free dishwashing solution, and this bulk set of super concentrated and plant-derived automatic dishwasher tablets will get you through your next 120 dishwasher cycles with nary a plastic scrap in sight. Packed with the powerful punch of mineral and plant-based enzymes, these tabs are biodegradable, non-toxic, have low to no impact on marine life and are phosphate and chlorine-free. The film that contains each pod is polyvinyl alcohol, a water soluble and totally biodegradable polymer that will dissolve quickly in water-- no need to unwrap one of these before popping into your dishwasher. 

  • End of Life
    • · The pods will biodegrade by the end of each use.
    • · These products ship in recyclable cardboard packaging and biodegradable polybags.
  • Shipping & Delivery
    • · This product ships 1-4 days after you order it.
  • FAQ
    • · Each order contains 3 boxes of dishwasher tablets. Each box contains 40 tabs and is 18.3 oz.
    • · We ship these products with minimal packaging, which means once in a while your box might get slightly dented during shipping.
    • · We hope you don't mind and can join us in keeping bubble wrap and plastic out of our orders as much as we can!