Carbon Neutral Everyday Insoles


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Carbon Neutral Everyday Insoles



Women's 5

  • Product Description

      We're super proud we found an every day insole that doesn't compromise form or function for sustainability. Fulton's classic insole checks every box and is made of carbon negative cactus leather sourced from Mexico, hand-harvested cork from trees in Portugal, and naturally growing tree-based foam from Indonesia. Even better, each insole is made in a small batch, family-owned factory in Portugal that prioritizes conservation and using solar power. That's amore!

      If you're wondering if insoles are right for you, the answer is probably yes-- Fulton designed theirs to provide comfortable arch support that improves your alignment. We recommend choosing the same size as the shoe you’re planning to wear with your insoles. If you’re between full sizes, order a size up. The cork will mold to the shape of your foot over time, and don't be deterred if it's a firm tread for the first few weeks of wear-- give the cork some time to learn how to give you the support you deserve! (It takes about 10 hours of wear.) More good news: cork is antimicrobial and keeps your shoes from smellin'.

      Your shiny new insoles ship 1-3 days after you place your order.

  • End of Life
    • · Your insoles ship directly from our friends at Fulton in a branded mailer box. The insoles will be wrapped in custom tissue paper and come with two stickers. We'd love to offer you a sticker-less version for less waste, and we're going to work on that-- let us know what you think and if extra packaging or marketing materials bug you, or if you find them helpful.
    • · Recycle the packaging when you've unboxed your new insoles. When you're done with these insoles, though we hope you won't be-- they should last as long as a pair of shoes-- place them in the trash, where they will biodegrade fully.
  • FAQ
    • · Trying to find your fit? Opt for the same size you use for your shoes. The insoles will mold to fit the shape of your feet over time (somewhere between 10 and 20 hours of wear), so even if they feel a bit uncomfy or stiff at first, give it a few weeks. Most folks who were hesitant at first ended up loving them once they fully broke in.
    • · We recommend keeping the insoles in the same pair of shoes rather than switching them around multiple pairs. Generally, different shoes wear differently, and since the cork layer of the insoles are molding to fit your exact step in a pair of shoes, switching the shoes around impacts the way your insole molds to your foot.
    • · The cork Fulton uses is entirely harvested by hand and their manufacturer’s machines run on renewable energy-- solar, to be specific.