Plastic-Free Scrub Sponge Set

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  • Product Description

      This set of three scrubby sponges is out of this world. Besides being 100% plant-based, and plastic-free, they're also made from natural luffa (you may have seen it spelled "loofah"!), a tropical gourd. While the luffa side is scrubby and rough enough to be tough on grime, the other side is the same soft and plush wood pulp our Pop Up Sponges are made from, perfect for your non toxic pans and other items that need a gentle clean. 


      No plastics, no glues! Just spongey goodness. Did we mention this product, along with the companion sponge pack and cleaning set, are from a small WOC founded business? It doesn't get any better than that!

    • End of Life
      • · This product comes wrapped packaged in fully biodegradable sugarcane bags and kraft paper printed with soy based ink. It ships in a kraft envelope. The kraft paper is home compostable and made in an American mill that is hydroelectric powered. The sugarcane bag can be composted in a municipal facility.
      • · When you're done with the sponge it can be composted in your home compost. It'll go faster if you cut it into itty bitty pieces.
    • Shipping & Delivery
      • · This product ships in about 2-3 business days after you order it.
    • FAQ
      • · Each order includes 3 individual sponges.
      • · This product is made with wood pulp from a mill that uses a managed reforestation method for renewable growth in a facility that is ISO 14001 certified. The luffa is derived from actual luffas, tropical gourds.
      • · This product is 100% plastic-free.