Upcycled PVC Planter Basket in Black
Upcycled PVC Planter Basket in Black

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Upcycled PVC Planter Basket in Black
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Made from PVC water pipes hand plucked from landfill, this upcycled planter has a crisp, modern vibe that’s minimalist and maximalist friendly. Whether you use it to plant a big ol’ ficus or as a storage bin for toys and blankets, it’s equal parts sturdy and sleek

End of Life

  • · This product ships in a recyclable cardboard box with paper tape.
  • · This planter is designed with materials that are made to last and be used for a long, long time. When you can no longer get any use out of it as a planter or other storage for your garden and home, the PVC pipe strips and steel framing can be recycled, but should be done so separately.
  • · This product ships about 5-7 business days after you order it.
  • · This planter measures 22” W x 15” D x 16” H. Heads up: that’s pretty big! We recommend you give those measurements an extra once over.
  • · Due to the handmade nature of the PVC range, size and design of each basket may vary slightly.
  • · Water resistant and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • · To clean, spray down with a hose or wipe with a damp cloth.
  • · Made from old PVC water pipes, each individually handpicked and collected from landfills and construction sites. Steel wire base. Made in South Africa.