Recycled Garden Tool Set in Green & Orange
Recycled Garden Tool Set in Green & Orange


Recycled Garden Tool Set in Green & Orange
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Add a lil green to your life without the virgin plastic tools or bad vibe materials.

  • · This product ships in a recyclable cardboard box and might come packed with bubble wrap to protect the tools’ blades.
  • · These tools are made to last a long, long time. However, when you can no longer get any use out of them, the stainless steel trowel and scoop can be recycled. The tool handles are made out of recycled material and cannot be recycled again. If you need some more help, shoot us a note at
  • · This product ships 5-7 business days after you order it.
  • · Includes 1 trowel and 1 soil scoop.
  • · The trowel measures 13” L x 2.5” W. The soil scoop measures 12” L x 3” W.
  • · To clean the tools, simply use water and soap—avoid using astringent cleaners on the stainless steel.
  • · The trowel is a blade with etched measurements to help measure soil depth for bulbs. The serrated edges cut through plant roots, compost, and potting soil bags while also digging through hard soils and clay. Before planting, cut back any vines or overgrowth, pry out rocks, and dig bulb holes.
  • · The soil scoop is your trusty garden companion with serrated edges to cut through roots and cradle dirt out for a tighter, cleaner hole. It helps with weeding, making seed furrow, cutting open soil bags, and transferring soil. It can even help with non-gardening tasks like carving pumpkins, cleaning grilling grates, or cleaning up after pets.
  • · The trowel has a 16 gauge stainless steel blade.
  • · The soil scoop has an 18 gauge stainless steel scoop and is senior certified.
  • · Both tools’ handles are made from recycled materials.