What Our Customers Are Gifting This Year

What Our Customers Are Gifting This Year

This is part of our ongoing obsession with sustainable gifts of all ilks and orientations. You can scope the full product of our holiday mania here, where we've compiled all of our favorite gift ideas by budget, personality type, relationship or value system. Enjoy!


Call us nosy, but we wanted to know what real Goldune customers were buying this holiday season. We asked, and, as usual, our customers overdelivered. It's only been a month since we launched, and y'all have really made our first ever holiday season feel super special. We can't wait to do the same for you this holiday season!


Below, learn a little more about what our customers have been loving, and what they're looking to add to cart in the next few weeks.


Emily H, big fan of Greek mythology, lover of dogs:


At first, the Daedalus Candle might not feel like a mom-approved gift, but it is. No one else deserves to rekindle a flame more than the queen who brought you into this world. 

If your mom is anything like mine, you know that the dog is perhaps the favorite child in the family. Help her continue this vast charade with a dope leash made of recycled climbing rope-- my dog will certainly be getting it in both colors.


Clare S, adaptogen-loving homebody, newly-minted Angeleno:


I'm obsessed with the Blah Blah Pillows. I just moved into a new apartment and they're the pop of color I've been looking for to flesh out my living space. They're cozy and seem to match just about everything. At this time when we're all spending so much time at home staring at the wall, I definitely plan on gifting these to multiple people on my list. 


Ashley H, Brooklyn-dweller, wears sneakers extremely well:


So what I can tell you right off the bat is that I just received my waffle towel set and holy cow, do I love 'em. They come in a nifty reusable bag, which is perfect for me, because my apartment didn't come with a single closet. I keep my clean towels in the reusable bag and I feel that they are safe and sound until I need them. Also, they might be the softest fabric in town. Very luxe!

My second gift idea would probably have to be the Water-Saving Colander Set-- I cook a lot of pasta, and most of the time when making good sauces (like vodka sauce 😏 ), you need to save some of the pasta water to bind the pasta and sauce together. This typically includes me scooping a cup of pasta water out of the boiling pot and burning my hand, but not with this 2-in-1 contraption. Also, love a space-saving multitasker for city-living.

My third and final choice is the Palmarosa and Aloe Cleanser. This is mostly just because I'm out of cleanser, and have my eye on this one as a gift to myself. I'm a fan of super gentle, non-stripping cleansers with clean ingredients, and this one fits the bill to a tee. Not to mention, you get about double the amount of product than most comparable cleansers for only a few more bucks.


João D, finance guy, loves Settlers of Catan:


I will absolutely be my mom's favorite child after getting her this vanity fit for the queen she is. Boom!! 


Layla M, Cheeto and fine dining connoisseur:


Something my friends and I all share in common is our love for food, and this year in quarantine that's translated into a love of cooking! That's why I'll be gifting 'em the Terrazzo Trivet Duo this holiday season. 



You heard it here, folks! We edited these quotes for grammar and clarity, but otherwise, straight from the horse's mouth. You know, if the horse were our amazing customers. 


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