This Month Is All About This One Thing.

This Month Is All About This One Thing.

This is part of our ongoing series, Real Talk, where we feature real folks and real convos that are important, inspiring and true to us. Up today? Some news from our team about what's next for Goldune.


We're big fans of doing one thing at a time, and trying to do it well— so we thought we'd explore a new approach to the content we create and the conversations we have on social and beyond, and focus on one thing at a time. It's part of our ongoing effort to be intersectional climate optimists who are still realistic and transparent without bumming you out all the time. (And boy, is that a tall order. We're still trying to figure that sort of tricky task out, and our door is always open to feedback.)


This month, we're exploring sustainability through the lens of "Creative Problem-Solving"!


Creative problem-solving felt like an awesome place to start. One of our biggest headaches in the sustainability world is that sometimes it feels like folks are quick to poo-poo imperfect solutions to a looming crisis. But all plans are imperfect— actually all things are imperfect. Just like people, plans, programming, and infrastructure that we create to try to address a first-time crisis that impacts the whole globe (with all our disparate points of view and approaches to life!) will be flawed. Like, so flawed. And remember that those flaws look different to everyone— even something like science can be a little subjective. It's why those hypotheses get tested over and over again with different variables and through different lenses.


To truly lean in to climate optimism and climate success, we (the global we!) gotta really embrace creative problem-solving. We like to think of it as the improv approach— where instead of shutting down an imperfect start or idea by saying "no," you lean in and instead grow the dialogue, the idea, or the scene with a "yes, and." It's time to start "yes, and"-ing for climate.


This month, we're going to scratch the surface on creative problem-solving in the sustainability world— everything from America's dairy troubles (cow farts galore) to electric vehicles and lithium ion batteries, to closed loop recycling. It's not going to be a perfect or fully exhaustive journey— but we kinda think there's no such thing.


It's better to start somewhere and to fail along the way than to never start at all. Happy September, folks! We hope that by the end of the month, we've shared at least just a little bit that's moved the needle on your perception of climate and creative problem-solving, and that you find yourself "yes, and"-ing a little bit more, whether on your sustainability journey, or in your personal or work life.




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