The Book About Sustainability That Changed Our Lives Is Our April Book Club Pick.

The Book About Sustainability That Changed Our Lives Is Our April Book Club Pick.

This article is part of our "Round Ups" series, where we share things that inspire us, guide us, or are just really cool. Today, our founder's thoughts on our April Book Club pick.

When I talk about my journey to start Goldune, folks often ask me if I was *always* passionate about sustainability. I wasn't, at all, which is part of why I'm interested in being the welcome wagon for folks who are new to the concept altogether, or just starting out. 

Early on in my transition from not caring to caring, I picked up a copy of Tatiana Schlossberg's Inconspicuous Consumption. It changed everything for me. I've gifted at least twenty copies to friends and family-- I'm pretty sure I even handed them out as holiday gifts to my team at the last company I worked at. That's how much this book did for me!

It took a lot of self control not to launch this as the first book club read we did for 2021. (ICYMI, in January we kicked off a new tradition, and we picked up Climate Justice by Mary Robinsonformer President of Ireland and UN climate leader, and dug deeper into it. By February, when we cracked open All We Can Save, we were picking up steam-- we shared more of our favorite parts on Instagram, and started seeing folks tag us as they got their copies. Last month, in March, we picked up Robin Kimmerer's Braiding Sweetgrass.)


I managed to wait all the way until April to wave this book around and I'm so happy I finally get to spread the gospel. If you pick up a copy, don't forget to tag or DM us on Instagram, drop us a line in the comments here, or shoot us a note at
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