Movies About Sustainability We <3

Movies About Sustainability We <3

There’s nothing better than educating yourself in arguably the most relaxing way possible: horizontal on the couch watching a movie. (Preferably, with a beverage.) We try to focus on the positive here at Goldune, so instead of harping on ignorance, we are focusing on fun ways to expand our knowledge. 

All month long, Goldune is showcasing things we love, people who inspire us, and content we dig. Whether you’ve blown through your queue of Netflix docs or are brand new to the wonderful world of streaming, there is no time like the present to dip your toes into the wellspring of sustainability information. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite environmental films we think are both highly watchable and very much align with the Goldune spirit. 

We must start with the newest release, Don’t Look Up. Whether you love it or hate it, this on-the-money satire about our inability to prioritize our global future is highly effective. If you love watching Timmy Chalamet be weird on-screen or can’t resist seeing Meryl Streep’s onscreen Trump vibe, this one's for you. 

Looking for something else with dreamy Leo, except a bit more serious? Before the Flood focuses on what climate change will look like going forward across the globe. 2008’s game-changer Food Inc. is firmly solidified on our forever list. If you’re interested in taking a closer look at the U.S’s industrial production of food and how it affects the environment, check it out. 

Craving a double feature? Screen An Inconvenient Truth and An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power back to back for a unique perspective on how the fight to address climate change has shifted and evolved over ten years. Anyone else find Al Gore’s southern drawl to be strangely soothing? 

Docs aren’t your thing? We get it. Dark Waters is an environmental drama starring and executive produced by environmental king Mark Ruffalo. Trust us - your mind will be blown. This thriller is based on an actual court case against chemical corp DuPont which was knowingly contaminating the water supply of a small West Virginia town with unregulated chemicals. 

Our Planet and Extinction: Facts of Life are both docs by longtime British conservationist Sir David Attenborough. Our Planet will scratch the itch for you if you are craving the visually stunning vibes of Planet Earth. Sometimes we crave something a little darker, and if you are looking to watch an earnest call-to-action film that will get your (amazing) a*s into gear, watch Extinction. 

Our last two recommendations take us out to sea. Artifishal sheds light on the fish farming industry and its contribution to the edging of wild salmon towards extinction. (Bonus: We love this doc a little extra as it’s produced by one of our ultimate inspo companies, Patagonia.) Finally, If you’re a big coral reef head or looking to dive into the subject, Chasing Coral is a must-watch. 

P.S. Tough critic? Share your personal Rotten Tomatoes scores in the comments! 

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