May’s Sustainable Book Club Pick Is Here!

May’s Sustainable Book Club Pick Is Here!

Sometimes we think that the climate conversation really needs a new PR agent—the jargon, terminology, and the instant-guilt-dread-and-anxiety vibe gatekeep most folks from feeling curious, confident, and engaged. That’s why we do what we do, but we need a lot more people to get on board and do the same.


Part of that is having conversations with people who have different POVs than you—perhaps ones that challenge you in ways that are out of your comfort zone. 


Consider this month’s book your guide to navigating those conversations in a way that actually opens up perspectives to move the climate needle where it needs to move the most. Pick up Katharine Hayhoe’s Saving Us: A Climate Scientists’ Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World this month—and make the uncomfortable comfortable. It’s the most important step in truly making a difference.


Were you able to try out any of the author’s tips after giving it a read? Let us know how it went! Whether you read along this May with us or you’re tuning in on your own timeline, it’s a book club for a reason: we want to chat about it.


Need more book recs? Click here for April’s read (if you’re curious about climate justice, read this!) or our full list of sustainable book club reads.

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