January's Sustainable Book Club Pick Is Here!

January's Sustainable Book Club Pick Is Here!

This article is part of our "Round Ups" series, where we share things that inspire us, guide us, or are just really cool. Today, a brief discussion of where we're at, plus our newest Sustainable Book Club contender.

We're kicking off January with a fresh new read (and officially toasting to year 2 of our Sustainable Book Club!). Crack open this classic, written by the founder of Patagonia. Looking for a copy? Start here!

This one is near and dear to us: there's so much to admire about Patagonia, particularly since there aren't too many models of sustainable business at scale to look to. This book helped shape Goldune (and continues to!) and is a great reminder that good things take time.

Last month we published a retrospective on all of our Sustainable Book Club reads to date-- with a few favorites and recommendations from our founder, Azora Zoe. Looking for some reading inspo or like to keep a list of sustainability-adjacent books to recommend to friends? Check it out!

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