Innovations in the Climate Movement That We <3

Innovations in the Climate Movement That We <3
Have you ever thought about what happens to EV car batteries once they die? Or what about how our leading scientists and researchers share essential bee data to prevent extinction? Are there seriously giant lakes of cow manure covered by tarps to reduce emissions?

This week, we shine the spotlight on some of our fav innovators working hard in multiple sustainability channels, whether it be a "sexy" subject or not. 
Ever wonder what our girl Zooey Deschanel is up to these days other than hanging with the cute twin from Property Brothers? Turns out she is using some of those New Girl royalties to create LettuceGrow, a company that crafts farm stands for your home to grow hydroponic (fancy word for grown with water, not soil) produce and herbs. You have over 200 produce and herb seedlings to choose from to start your very own vertical garden. The upkeep is a quick 5 minutes a week, and the space needed is minimal. After all… we can't all live in giant LA lofts with the three quirky yet relatable roommates ;) 
The folks at RedWood Materials are always thinking two steps ahead; their primary goal is to develop sustainable ways to recycle and reuse the millions of EV batteries after they die. Yes, they do big things, but they also make it really easy for us to do our small but mighty things. Ship your old electronics to them, and the rest is taken care of.
We think dairy digesters are the s*it. Seriously, we've got a whole blog post devoted to the creative problem-solving surrounding reducing methane emissions in the dairy industry. The reality is, Big Dairy employs a whole lot of humans, makes a whole lot of money, and our baby boomers are not going to just wake up one day and switch to oat milk. We are loving the way California is coming up with alternative solutions to lowering methane emissions from dairy farms. 
We're all familiar with "Save the Bees!", but the amount of sheer data which goes into preventing bee and pollinator extinction is simply enormous. The World Hive Network is partnering with Oracle to give researchers access to the global bee data network. And we think it's just the bee's knees. (Sorry.)
If you're like us, you love to travel and long for the day it becomes safer and more accessible again. However, traveling, especially by plane, comes with a carbon footprint. Universal Hydrogen has made it its sole mission to help meet the Paris Agreement emission goals for aviation by developing hydrogen fuel for commercial flights. 
Wouldn't it be rad if there was a subscription-based service you could donate money to every month to help reverse climate change? There is! Climeworks uses "direct air capture" technology to remove CO2 emissions from the air and permanently store them in the Earth by injecting them into underground rock formations. Even better, the direct air capture module machines are 100% powered by renewable energy sources. You can customize your subscription to fit your budget, and 1 dollar donated = roughly 1 kg of CO2 removed from the atmosphere. Subscribe and Save! (the planet.) 

Keep your eyes peeled for more dispatches from Planet G as we tackle harm reduction tips in March!
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