How to have your most sustainable summer yet...

How to have your most sustainable summer yet...

Channeling our inner camp counselor to share a few tips for having a sustainable (and still fun!) summer– without passing up on all the trips, travel, barbecues, parties, beach days and getaways. 

Picking the most sustainable grill option

If you’re going to be grilling up your favorite veggies (we’ll take a corn on the cob, please), we recommend opting for a pellet grill instead of a propane-powered one. With a pellet grill, you can buy recycled or upcycled wood pellets to fuel the flames—we love this because you’re making use of wood waste while also using a renewable fuel source. Some folks even insist the flavor profile is leaps and bounds better when you grill with a wood pellet grill to boot. Call us when dinner is served!

Buying planet-friendly sunscreen

If you go through sunscreen like crazy, you might want to consider picking a bottle up that comes in a biodegradable tube—or, if you’re married to the liquid stuff, look for recycled plastic packaging. Lotions or creams > aerosols, when it comes to sustainability. 

Washing your swimsuit sustainably 

Rocking a lot of bathing suits and bike shorts this time of year? Invest in a tool that helps keep the microplastics that shed from synthetic clothing or fabric out of our waterways. We like the Guppyfriend bag in particular, which can double as a “delicates” bag for your nicer swimsuits, which keeps them in fightin’ shape for longer. 

Pitch in after you catch a wave

Next time you hit the beach, keep a spare roll of trash bags in your tote bag or car trunk. Not only will you have a place to safely store your empty chip bags, but you can also do a mini beach clean-up with your friends or fam before you head out. It’s a small thing, but it helps keep plastic, trash, and microplastics out of the ocean—our best and coolest natural resource. It’s also as close to “free & easy” as it gets.

Charge up with a few rays 

If you’re spending the summer outside (always a wise choice), invest in a solar powered charger to power up your phone and other gadgets while you enjoy the sunshine. It’s one less reason to be inside sitting by an outlet waiting for your phone to juice up, and any time you can use renewable energy instead of energy from the grid is helpful.

Have some other ways to make summer your most sustainable season? Spill the deets in the comments or shoot us a note at

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