Goldune's Guide to Sustainable Gifts Under $75

Goldune's Guide to Sustainable Gifts Under $75

Ahh, sustainable gifts under $75. It's our sweet spot. We've been there. We know what it's like to want to ball out on a budget. You ready to treat your friends, family, and peers to a little special something? We've got you! We put together this gift guide (and like, soooooo many more) to make drilling down by budget, personality type, or space a whole lot easier.

You can find our ultimate collection of gifts under $75 below, but we thought we'd pull out all the stops and show you some of our favorites first. 

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A flatlay collage full of awesome sustainable gift ideas from small, woman and BIPOC owned brands, all colorful and modern, and all under $75!

Candy Cane Lane Cocktail Napkins | Rose Cocoa | Scented Candle in Reusable Wine Glass | Goldune Gift Card | Adaptogenic Powder | Ripple Tumbler

This year, it's all about gifts that live up to our values (sustainable, woman or BIPOC-owned brands only, please!) and don't bum us out. Er, we can rephrase that-- we want to give gifts that get folks excited about spending another winter in quarantine. Ditch the bikinis and focus on gift-friendly essentials that are perfect for staying in, getting cozy, and hunkering down. That's why we love home-y, recycled or zero waste gifts like our Candy Cane Lane Cocktail Napkins, or scented candles in a reusable wine or whisky glass-- they take the wasteful junk out of gifting, are friendly to almost all sizes of home and types of people, and they make us want to spend the night in listening to smooth jazz, drinking an alcoholic beverage and sitting by the (nonexistent) fire. 

Our Rose Cocoa in our favorite tumbler or teacup would be a welcome addition to this tableau, and is a good bundled gift idea. Wellness lovers would be grateful if you threw in our bestselling Adaptogenic Powder, which blends nicely into cold-weather friendly beverages like coffee and cocoa. 

Looking for more cozy? Our new pestemal (Turkish towel!) collection has something for everyone. While our most cost effective bundle is *just* out of Under $75 territory at $79.99, you could always take advantage of the bargain and split the towels up, which adds up to $26.66 a pop for a thoughtful, cozy, eco-friendly gift. We've got a colorful one for colorful personalities, or a more neutral option for folks who like to keep things simple. (You can guess which kinds we are. More rainbow, please!) 

Last but not least on the cozy train are our Salt Scrub and Foot Soak, two allies in the war against dry, scaly, winter lizard skin. Seriously, who *doesn't* get straight up desert-dry come December? It takes a village to keep these legs and feet soft and smooth, and Salt Scrub and Foot Soak are the village mayors.



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