Goldune's Guide to Sustainable Gifts Under $200

Goldune's Guide to Sustainable Gifts Under $200

Well, aren't you a good person? Not just for balling out on a budget (whoever you're gifting those fancy presents to is mighty lucky-- we hope they appreciate you!) but for seeking out sustainable small brands to do it. You came to the right place-- when it comes to eco-friendly holiday gifts for any style, budget, or space, we've got you.


You can find our ultimate collection below, but we thought we'd pull out all the stops and show you some of our favorites first. 

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A flatlay collage full of awesome sustainable gift ideas from small, woman and BIPOC owned small businesses. There's a candle, an adaptogenic tincture, a cozy pillow, a bespoke compost bin, recycled deadstock linens that are super chic, really creative home decor accents like a vanity mirror made from recycled rubber and a organic cotton beanbag. It's the gift guide of a lifetime!

Ariadne Figurine Candle | Rose Colored Glasses Tincture | Grownup Beanbag | Vanity Mirror | Hollyberry Linen Towels | Fallen Tree Compost Bin | Blah Blah Pillow


Shopping for someone picky? The gift card's the obvious choice, especially if you're worried about a gift getting to your giftee in time (heads up from our team that shipping is super complicated this year and FedEx, UPS, and USPS are all projecting major delays. Plan ahead as best you can, and if you have questions about whether or not something will make it to you in time, shoot us a note at Less obvious but also good to note is that the gift card is the only *true* zero waste option when it comes to gifting: not only do you cut down on waste by giving someone something you know they'll actually get use out of (read: it won't end up in landfill like that eleventh ugly scarf they got), it also ensures that energy isn't spent carting product to and fro. (Think about how much energy gets wasted shipping holiday gifts that end up getting returned! What a bummer.) Our gift cards hit your inbox automatically after you order them (e-gift cards, ftw!) and you can easily forward them to your giftees without batting an eyelash.


The whole gift card thing a little too impersonal for you? We get that too-- there are some folks that you know you want to pick out something thoughtful for, and we're on the case. Know someone who was displaced by COVID-19 this year and relocated to a new place? Hone in on gift ideas that make their quarantine space a lot more cozy and personal. We've got a robe for every type of person (Bamboo Lyocell Waffle knit or cotton and linen Turkish pestemal!), and if you want to ball out, a towel set (or several!) to match. Another creative idea is to help someone get their WFH situation together by setting the scene with a stylish (and recycled!) new deskmat and matching office organization and mousepad set. These are your average Office Depot decorations-- besides being super sustainably made, they look like they just jumped out of the pages of a magazine and onto your desk.




Ready to roll? Click here for our collection of gift ideas under $200.

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