Goldune's Guide to Sustainable Gifts Under $100

Goldune's Guide to Sustainable Gifts Under $100

Git guide, shmift guide. You've seen 'em all, and chances are, you might not have found what you were looking for yet. Well, this year is different, and you can bet your beans that we know shopping small, sustainable, woman, POC, Indigenous and Black owned businesses is the move. Let's face it-- giant corporations lead by white men in suits don't really need your money, but your $100 could go a long way on *both* sides of the aisle when you're shopping small. We've got you! We put together this gift guide (and like, soooooo many more) to make drilling down by budget, personality type, or space a whole lot easier.

You can find our ultimate collection of gifts under $100 below, but we thought we'd pull out all the stops and show you some of our favorites first. 

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A flatlay collage of brilliant gift ideas. They're all sustainable and from woman or BIPOC owned small businesses to boot!

Bamboo Diffuser | Supershroom Immunity Powder | Wellness Kit | Candy Cane Lane Tea Towels | Hollyberry Linen Napkins | Daedalus Figurine Candle | Goldune Gift Card

The hard part of giving with impact used to be that you wanted to give someone something that felt like, well, a gift. You know the feeling well: unwrapping something, the sound of tape tearing beneath your ruddy fingers, ribbons cascading down to the floor where they are quickly forgotten about as you get closer to the prize and the overwhelming sense of luxury that is having someone get something *just for you.* Up until recently, sustainable products have felt pretty... granola. By that we mean that they weren't quite as sexy to open up on Christmas morning. 

The great news is we exist to solve that very problem-- Goldune is solely focused on bringing you sustainable products that look and work as well as their less sustainable (and up until now, more handsome) counterparts. You can see that reflected in some of our gift guide favorites, like our Candy Cane Lane and Hollyberry Linen Napkins. They're actually made of recycled, deadstock fabric from LA's Garment District and are given new life as table linens that look like they could have jumped out of the pages of Arch Digest. We have a woman-lead team to thank for this design marvel, and everything from the napkin material to the paper label is recycled.

The same is true of our Daedalus Figurine Candle (named for Greek mythology, because we couldn't help ourselves). Sculptural candles have been all the rage this year, and we don't think it's just cause we all spent the year indoors. Made by artist Bonam Kim from plant-based waxes, Daedalus is an awesome alternative to paraffin wax based candles, and is as much an art piece as it is a functional candle. Talk about that good feeling you get opening a gift-- unwrapping Daedalus will do that to ya.


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