Goldune's Guide to Gifts From Woman-Lead Brands

Goldune's Guide to Gifts From Woman-Lead Brands

Looking for gifts from woman-owned small businesses? That's over 70% of the brands we carry, so safe to say that we got you. Sit back, relax, and don't worry about doing the legwork to be a conscious consumer-- that's our job. Yours is just to get lost in what's cute, fun, and would make the right gift for your mom, sister, nephew, dad, boss, partner, father-in-law, dog, or whoever else you're shopping for this holiday season. We put together this gift guide (and like, soooooo many more) to make drilling down by budget, personality type, or space a whole lot easier.

You can find our ultimate collection of gifts from small woman-lead brands below, but we thought we'd pull out all the stops and show you some of our favorites first. Looking for our master gift guide for all budgets, styles, situations and personalities? Click here!


Looking for sustainable gifts from woman lead brands? Look no further-- this flatlay of sustainable gift ideas for home, wellness and lifestyle is 100% powered by women.

HRBLS Adaptogenic Gummies | Fallen Tree Compost Bin | Scented Candle in Reusable Whisky Glass | Goldune Gift Card | Blah Blah Squiggle Pillow | Rose Cocoa

TBH, it was hard to narrow this one down, and honestly, we didn't-- you'll see when you click here for the full collection. The cliff's notes are that we want you to get cozy, rock out with a plastic-free kitchen, and stay chill.

Speaking of chill, our scented candles come in reusable wine glasses or whisky glasses, which makes them zero waste. When you've burnt the candle down fully, pop the wax out, give it a good wash, and fill up your cub with a boozy libation of your choosing. Ho, ho, ho. This candle + a bottle of booze = honestly the best stocking stuffer anyone in your family has ever received. Give the people what they want! Candles and alcohol! Together! At the same time! Want to go the extra mile? How about gifting from a woman lead booze brand too! We love Haus, Avaline, Yola Mezcal, Macchu Pisco and Pomp & Whimsy.  

Into the zero waste idea but want to go even harder? The only true zero waste gift is the e-gift card-- no emissions shipping someone a gift they might return anyway. Let your nieces decide what to gift themselves, because you really don't know, and support a sustainable woman owned brand at the same time. Where's the downside? We don't see one. Smells like a win-win.

Our Rose Cocoa in our favorite tumbler or teacup would be a welcome addition to your cozy fall holiday at home, and is a great bundled gift idea. Wellness lovers would be grateful if you threw in our bestselling Adaptogenic Powder, which blends nicely into cold-weather friendly beverages like coffee and cocoa. Both come from awesome woman-lead brands, in California and Georgia respectively.  

Got a total wellness junkie in your life or having a hard time figuring out what to even gift the TikTok generation? We turn to another woman-owned, adaptogen forward small brand for these sustainable, adaptogenic gummies.



Ready to roll? Click here for our picks for sustainable gifts from woman-lead brands.


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