Goldune's Guide to Gifts From Recycled Materials

Goldune's Guide to Gifts From Recycled Materials

Want to gift something that you can feel decent about? Us too. It's hard bringing more stuff into the world, and we know this is one of the most wasteful times of the year.

It's also one of the most fun times of the year! As we get wiser and smarter about sustainability and ways to repurpose byproduct and waste in manufacturing, the options for gift ideas made of smart, thoughtful, and sustainably recycled materials get a hell of a lot better.


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You can find our ultimate collection of gifts made from recycled materials below, but we thought we'd pull out all the stops and show you some of our favorites first.



A lot of packaging for products that we stock are made of recycled materials, but we wanted to bring you options that are nearly entirely made from recycled materials themselves, so we turned to two of our favorite brands in the Goldune universe: Atelier Saucier and Slash Objects.




We'll start with our friends at AS first— this woman lead team breathes new life into recycled deadstock fabrics sourced from LA's garment district. They get turned into something so beautiful you'd never know it's recycled, and all locally for a super light carbon footprint. Even the label on your napkins, runners, cocktail napkins or tea towel is made of recycled Colorplan paper. Wowza. Lucky for us, they also have some holiday exclusives that we just stocked on the site— like the Hollyberry Linen Napkins or Candy Cane Lane Cocktail Napkins, two of our faves. Fans of a traditional Thanksgiving table will love the Hickory Runner too. You can match napkins, but we prefer power clashing and layering with the Icicle Stripe Napkins instead.



Want to mix and match with textures? Meet our other favorite recycling-obsessed brand, Slash Objects. Slash Objects makes beautiful placemats, doormats, desk accessories, and coasters from recycled rubber. You may be new to rubber, but this rubber sure isn't new! Old rubber from post consumer recycling (aka the stuff real people like us recycle!) gets ground down into tiny crumbs, then hand-rolled into "sheets" that can be pressed or cut into coasters so luxe, your giftee will never know they're made of recycling. You know the phrase: your trash could be someone else's treasure. Slash Objects happens to do this all in a closed loop, LEED-certified manufacturing situation here in the USA to boot. That sure checks a lot of boxes off the "good person" gift list.


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