Goldune's Guide to Gifts for Your Gen Z Cousin

Goldune's Guide to Gifts for Your Gen Z Cousin

We don't want to assume that you are not a member of Gen Z. You could very well be young and alive in TikTok's golden era! If you are in Gen Z, thank goddess you're here.

If you're not, you might find shopping gifts for your younger friends and family a little difficult. We get that too. We have a few ideas. They're not Gen Z endorsed, mind you, and we should note that everyone is different and age is but a number! That said, here are a few things that might appeal to your teenage cousin. If you're thirsty for the full list and you want to jump ahead, you can click this link right here to view the full and extensive collection of holiday gift ideas for Gen Z.

We'll start with the obvious: if you're not sure what to gift someone whose taste or preferences have evolved, or whose life circumstances have changed this year due to COVID-19 and the general malaise of 2020, a gift card is the way to go. It's technically the only zero waste option, and this way your giftee will be sure to actually love what they end up receiving.

If that's not your style, and you want a physical item for them to open this holiday season, we get it, and we're with you. There's something about opening a present that can't be beat. If we could bottle that feeling and sell it, we'd probably be doing that instead of selling you the best sustainable options for home, lifestyle and holiday gifts.

Want to go the self-care route? How about an adaptogenic blend and a fancy new cup to savor the brew in? Adaptogenic Powder has been our best seller as of yet, but there's more where that came from— we have tinctures, Golden Cocoa, Rose Cocoa, Mushroom Cocoa, and even gummies to gnaw on. If you do go down the beverage path, our ripple tumbler is always by our side, and the similar teacup's got a great vibe too.

Looking for things that are a little more * ~ * ~* ** aesthetic * ~ * ~* ** ? Our Ariadne and Daedalus candle are more than just wax figurines— they're total works of art. We highkey recommend them as a thoughtful gift to spruce up bedrooms and dorms alike.

If it's stocking stuffers you're looking for, bath and body gifts fit the bill. We like Coconut & Cardamom Butter or Rose & Aloe Toning Mist. If your Gen Z cousin happens to be particularly sustainability-minded, they'll totally appreciate a zero waste stocking stuffer, like our Skin Stick or Plastic-Free Hair Bands.

Ready to roll? Click here for our ALL our gift ideas for your Gen Z Cousin.

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