Goldune's Guide to Gifts for Romantic Partners

Goldune's Guide to Gifts for Romantic Partners

This may be the hardest gifting category yet. We got you. We're cracking our knuckles and gearing up for the ultimate task of endurance: shopping for your romantic partner or spouse. We didn't want to be gender normative with titles like "gifts for him" or "gifts for her", so we hope you'll roll with us on this guide to gifts that are suitable for lovers, partners, and situationships, regardless of gender identity, budget, or sexuality. Whether you're in love, casually seeing someone, are out of ideas for gifts for your spouse of two decades, or just kinda got sucked into exchanging gifts this year, we got your back.

We made a big ol' collection of sustainable gift ideas for romantic partners, but we thought we'd pull out all the stops and show you some of the highlights first. Not into it? Click here to jump ahead to shop the full collection of gifts for loved ones

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For the one who is stressed AF....


Chill city, population 1. You need to swaddle them until they feel better, and these are the towels to do it with.

Like to be swaddled a different way? These towels are awesome too, and multi-purpose to boot.

If you want to go the extra mile, gift them our Foot Soak and Salt Scrub, then treat them to a pedicure at home. Guarantee it will be one of the best gifts they receive this year. Up the ante by adding a robe to watch Netflix in... or a robe to make pancakes in, plus adaptogenic cocoa to savor on a rainy winter day.


For the one who is struggling with their makeshift WFH situation


A deskmat makes even the most unofficial of home offices look a little more dignified, both on and off Zoom. Looking for something smaller to zhoush up their space? A mousepad will give you the same boost as the deskmat, with a smaller surface area, and so will a small tray with slots that are * just * the right size for their AirPods.


For the picky one


A candle that doubles as art. We just guessed that your partner likes art, because most picky people do.

A vanity mirror is the most luxury gift we can think of in 2020 because not only is it completely analog, it really only has one purpose: beautifying your space and reminding you how good it looks while its doing it. Remind your partner how hot they are!

Want to get them a scented candle but not sure what scent they actually will like? (They're *that* picky!) A diffuser has way more permanence, and allows them to swap in whatever essential oils they actually love. The inside has a delicate glass chamber, rather than the standard plastic, so it'll feel extra luxury for them, and makes you look real thoughtful.



Ready to roll? Click here for our full collection of sustainable gifts for romantic partners.

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